Things I would like to say to some people

To my Grand Father :- I used to write letters to you in Urdu. That was our special way of sharing jokes, stories. It was a language only we spoke and wrote. Today I don’t feel like reading Urdu anymore. I remember how you used to sit in the veranda and smoke hookah. Recently on a trip to Morocco, I brought a hookah and Mom cried on seeing it. She misses you a lot nannu. She laughs and all of a sudden her eyes fill up. We all miss you nannu. Now, even “bhabhi” has joined you. I bet you are sitting in heaven smoking your hookah and asking bhabhi to get you the Urdu newspaper…

To my best friend in school (T) :- Why did we drift apart? Why did you stop talking all of a sudden? What did I do wrong? I have thought and thought about this. I have let it go now. We grew up together… shared chocolates.. fought for a seat on the bus… grew to be the best of friends. Do you remember how we used to compete for more marks in school? Do you remember the kho kho games we played? Do you remember how the play we did on the school annual day. I still have the cassette. I can still imagine you dancing to back street boys in a saree.  I miss you T. And then one fine day you stopped talking to me. All I can say is …I wish you a very happy life ahead T. ( I went to a All Girls School, T is a female. I don’t know why I am clarifying this here).

To my uncle T who left home 2 years ago and has still not returned :- I still remember the rides on your old scooter. You took me around town when I was searching for an institute to complete my industrial training. Do you remember when you took me shopping? Do you remember I had once asked for a recording of my favorite song. You gave it to me the next day. Chachi later told me you had specially gone to the market in spite of high fever to buy it. Do you remember chachu how you used to get pakoras for all of us cousins? What has changed now? I called you a year back. You picked up my call and said you would call later… No one called. The number does not exist any more. Don’t you miss your children A and Y? Please come home Chachu.