Does anyone believe in astrology or do you dismiss it is a random science. Astrology has always been very interesting for me. In fact I have always been interested in such things. By such, I mean occult, witches, ouija boards, ghost stories, past life re-incarnations. I mean I am not crazy or “into” these “sciences”, but I am kind of curious about them. No, I have never actually “played” with a ouija board. I believe those things are dangerous and should be examined from a distance.

Astrology however is different. I believe it can be as exact as a science. I also believe that provided you have the right details i.e. date of birth, time of birth and place of birth, a true “jyotish” would be able to predict a number of things. I did try learning astrology but then I do not have the patience to go about it. Maybe, someday I will actually learn it. It would be quite something to go of predicting stuff.