Thakur Ji

Many north Indian families follow a custom of keeping “Thakur ji” at home. Thakur ji is basically a small idol of baby krishna. The baby krishna is kept on a small swing or jhoola in the day time and on a small bed at night time.

This is basically a means to show devotion or complete surrender to baby krishna. Customs differ from family to family. Some families just keep the Thakur ji and do daily seva i.e. prayer or worship. Others keep Thakur ji with strict rules like no non-veg or onions/garlic usage in the house. Some also follow daily customs of feeding baby krishna milk/curd/ghee.

All these are basically rituals done out of love or devotion to baby krishna. Some families follow the same customs but do the same with a photograph of baby Krishna.

This is definitely an interesting custom and shows how in India, religion has permeated our day to day life.