My fitness and exercise story

I am trying to maintain some level of exercise in my daily routine. As mentioned earlier, I am trying to lose some weight.  I used to attend a badminton coaching camp at school. We were taught basic yogic asanas to build up endurance. Usually I practice Yoga for 15- 20 minutes and try to spend 20 minutes on the elliptical. I follow this routing for 4-5 days a week.

Some days I find the entire routine very boring and tiring. Other days I manage to stick to it. Its hardly been a week or so. I will try increasing the time as I go along.I am thinking of adding skipping to  my set of activities.

I have been “Googling” with terms like “How to lose weight” and all that. I basically do know there is no short cut to losing weight. But I still end up doing so, hoping for a miracle exercise. :).  So lets see how my weight lose journey comes along.

Fitness Fitness Fitness…. Where art Thou

Fitness is necessary for a number of things. A fit mind is better accustomed to face the challenges of life.  I am trying to lose weight for a number of reasons and as usual the weight loss is not happening. Some days, I stick to my schedule and eat healthy, go to the gym and other days as they say life takes over.

Here are some of the basic mantras I try to follow every day

a) Take Breakfast every day :- This is mainly because “The Better Half”  scrambles to office with dabba. Hence breakfast has to be cooked and lunch packed.

b) Exercise :- Using youtube videos or the gym

c) A simple light lunch :- Usually its Roti Subzi or Khichdi

d) Some tea in the evening :- Nope, I can never leave tea. My morning does not begin without tea and a phone call to Mom.

e) A light dinner with TBH :- Usually its khichdi or Roti dal or some other simple variation. We are very “Simple” or lets say “Lazy” people.

Well, I meant to illustrate some of my daily schedule here. I have ended up giving you a glimpse of our life.

More in the next post

Take care.