Feeling Depressed

Has it ever happened that you feel upset for no real reason. Well, it is happening today. I really cannot pin point why I am feeling so depressed. There is no actual reason as such. However I do wish this time passes away quickly.

W is away at work. We cooked bottle gourd today morning. This was the first time I cooked bottle gourd and it turned out quite okay. Basically all punjabi dishes have the same base. The base consists of a spicy tomato onion gravy. Then to this we can add vegetables, dal and cook accordingly.  I have got some level of expertise in doing this.

I have started LS walks at home. My gym membership has expired and I will only be able to renew it next month. Its too cold to venture out and I have a really bad histroy of colds and coughs.  Hence, I am stuck at home.So something is better than nothing. LS walks are quite interesting in their own way.. This reminds me I should be exercising now. It will lift my mood if nothing else.

I met an old friend from school yesterday. I met her by chance after 13 years. She was on her way out from a local store and I was just entering. Needless to say, we spent the next 2 hours chatting and catching up. The outcome of this entire thing was that W had to prepare his own dinner as I was busy chatting.

I will write more next time. Maybe later today.