Day 2 :- Random facts

I thought it would be interesting if I could collate random facts together

  • Favorite Food :- Yup, everything begins with food for me.. Well, lets see I can have curd anytime of the day. Please do not quote ayurveda and say curd should not be consumed at night. I can consume it all 3 times a day. Apart from that I crave anything teekha and masaledar (or lets say spicy and tangy).
  • Favorite comfort food :- Onion and Tomato chutney with  hot chappatis and curd. I am quite hassle free that way. In fact this was the first dish I cooked after marriage. The chappatis resembled ( and still resemble) maps. Seema… Can you teach me this???
  • Favorite Sport :- Badminton… I played badminton at state level. So, I think I am quite good. But again, I am in no shape and weigh a ton now. My weight loss is going nowhere.
  • Favorite Book :- Well, this keeps changing as I read anything and everything. All my meals are had with a book or a laptop ( if the daughter is asleep). I read blog posts, prescriptions and heaven knows what else. All this apart, my favorite book is “Talking about Jane Austen in Baghdad”. Its witty and humorous. That’s all I need in a book
  • Favorite Pastime :- Currently I eat, breathe, sleep according to Her Majesty “Gudiya’s schedule. But once upon i time I read a lot, swam a lot and played a lot of badminton.
  • Favorite Place :- This has to be the Radhanagar beach, Havelock islands. It was a nice trip with good food thrown in. And I had the Better Half (BH) for company. We keep on saying we will go there again. Let’s see when that happens.

So that’s quite a bit about myself. I promise I will write more in the next post. Also the 2nd part is almost done.  I will post that tomorrow.