Random Thoughts

There are so many thoughts going around in my head. I thought I would do a bullet post and hopefully gain some clarity at the end of this. By the end of this post, hopefully you will know a bit about me.

  • I want to do everything at once. Learn Astrology, write a book, shed some weight everything has to be done now. At the end of the day nothing is done and a day is lost. This is the story of my life.
  • I think I am coming down with a cold so maybe that is an excuse to not exercise today. Then again, maybe it is not. I think I will do some light jogging today, Wish me luck.
  • As mentioned in the previous posts, we have kept “Thakur JI” at my home. Sometimes when we offer some prasad or curd, I have this urge to taste it. I just feel like tasting the curd at that very moment. This happens even though I am not hungry. There is no self control at all.
  • I love reading books. i have been known to read all night just to finish a book. however, i cannot understand the story in half the books written today. They all sound so similar and half baked. Chetan Bhagat please note.
  • I do not like sweets. None at all. I am happy skipping the customary dessert. In engineering hostel, I would happily pass my share of sweet ( One piece of Jalebi/Gulab Jamun every Thursday) to my room-mate.

I will share more in the next post. Till then please take care and enjoy.