You are unsafe

So we have it again. another story for the media to highlight, talk about, give live updates of and then gradually forget and may be forgive. People will carry on their day to day activities. There will be movies to watch, onions to peel, books to read, gossips to be made till another “rape” case is reported by the media. The circus will resume again only to fall silent over the course of time.

We have seen this again and again. There will be candle marches, posters, call for stricter laws and what not. The ground reality will remain the same. The bottom line :- You are unsafe. Let us take a brief look at the situation

The Ground Reality

I am not talking about the city. Please do not fool yourself thinking “Mumbai” is safe or “Bangalore” is comparatively safer. It is the same with all cities. It can be Delhi or Mumbai or Bangalore or even the dark lane right beside your home.  Rape can happen anywhere.

The Problem

Now comes the question, what can we do about it?The answer often lies in the much harped about fact, stricter laws, better enforcement, better security and so on.  So what on earth is stopping our government from doing something like this? Well, the reply remains the same. Lesser police personnel, general patriarchal attitude.

I sincerely believe the  problem is of attitude. What on earth can explain the fact that the police  personnel (while on duty) ask the accused’s neighbor to cook for them? ( What can explain the bizarre fact that we have “solved” the problem by banning cabs? What can explain the funny statements we hear from our ministers everyday (

The attitude is the reason there is no change at the grass root level. It is our lack of interest and mind set that we can absorb the rape of a 5 year old so easily. I believe first of all we have to train the nation to actually respect (Yes, I mean respect) women. Bowing your head in front of Durga or Kali is not enough. We do not want to be treated as goddesses. Please let us live as fellow human beings.

This mindset does not recognize that a girl walking on a street at 9 pm is not asking to be raped. He has probably be seen the “importance” given to his sisters or cousins. He has grown up believing women are no where near the hierarchy ladder. Their only job is to reproduce. He probably visualizes the girl as easy game. a soft target. Well, that she certainly is…. And to top it all of, if the girl reports the crime, she will probably have to endure countless questions. What about the guy? Well he just gained exclusive bragging rights on the whole ordeal

Well, I have vented too much here. In the end I would just like to say be careful, be alert and take care.