Sometimes a particular smell, movie or incident reminds one of events gone by. One thought leads to another and one gets lost in nostalgia. Today has been one such day. I just had tea with cinnamon and cloves. Instantly I remembered so many things

  • Our evening chai sessions at college. Sitting in the hostel lawn and gossiping away to glory.
  • College brought back memories of the oily canteen “bread pakora”, samosa, days of travelling in “roadways” buses.
  • “Roadways” buses reminded me of the long bus journey’s to my nana and nani’s place. My cousin used to take me to visit our orange fruit yard in the evenings.
  • Oranges brought back memories of Delhi winters. All of us cousins used to sit in the warm winter sun and hog dozens of oranges.
  • Cousins brought back memories of scooter rides shared, temple visits, diwali masti and gossip.
  • Diwali brought back memories of the loud crackers we used to burst. The entire street would be littered in the morning. Today I am not proud of this but then this is how we have always celebrated Diwali. Loud with loads of sweets and snacks.

I guess you all have got the drift. Memories have the power to uplift you and strengthen you. I am feeling rejuvenated now.

Till next time. Take care.

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